Colegio Atid

Atid School was established in 1993 within the network of schools of the Jewish-Mexican community, as part of the Maguen David Community. It offers an alternative for those families for whom English is a priority within a Jewish context. Atid includes all sections from Preschool to High School.

At the Atid School, we are aware that the world in which we live has more complex, more competitive and ever-changing environments.

Concurrently, we believe that education is the path that leads to peace, equality of opportunities and the development of our country. This is why we seek to participate in the formation of global citizens, who strive toward the full development of their capacities and are able to respond, as members of a community, to the challenges the future will bring.

We are convinced of the human capacity for creating, learning and directing the course of one’s life within a global perspective. As a 21st century educational institution, we are facing a shifting world, and it is because of this that we emphasize the need for an international education that will prepare students to meet future challenges.